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Gyrocopter Accidents in Australia

Gyrocopters / Gyroplanes / Autogyros  / Gyros / Rotorcraft are administered by the Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association  - ASRA

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It can be very difficult to find / research / read accident summary data relating to gyrocopters in Australia - the listing below is NOT full or complete - strangely accident summary data is not published online unlike in many other countries.

If you wish to learn more about gyrocopter accidents or gyrocopter safety in Australia you can make a request to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau  ATSB  or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA.

An aviation safety report published by the ATSB in 2014 states,

Data on recreational flying activity is collected by the BITRE from individual RAAOs and was available for the 2004 to 2011 period. Gyrocopters had a lower accident rate than other types of recreational aircraft over this period. The overall accident rate for gyrocopters was comparable with the accident rate for helicopters used for flying training.
Conversely, the fatal accident rate for gyrocopters over this period (47 per million hours flown) was almost double that of other recreational aircraft (29 per million hours flown for recreational aeroplanes, and 19 per million hours flown for weight shift aircraft). The fatal accident rate for gyrocopters was significantly higher than for all other aircraft and operation type combinations in air transport and general aviation.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded via PDF on the ATSB link below

ASRA are managed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority ( CASA ) - if you would like to see more openness from ASRA regarding gyro flight safety stats and accident summaries then please email CASA to raise your concern.

Ideally the information that is listed below should be published in the public domain by ASRA on the public part of the ASRA website rather than on this simple blog incomplete listing.

Please Fly Safely


18-4-18 - Baffle Creek, Central Queensland - ELA 08 - G-2727 - Fatal - Local media states "The aircraft left the Booyan Airstrip north of Bundaberg around 1.45pm on Wednesday and was due to arrive at a Farnborough property near Yeppoon that afternoon" - a search for the missing 77 year old pilot and gyrocopter is ongoing. 

News Link to missing gyrocopter in Queensland 

UPDATE 20-4-18 - Local media report - "The 77-year-old Farnborough man, Tim Pettitt, was found dead in his aircraft after a teenage boy spotted the wreckage in bushland near Baffle Creek, north of Bundaberg."

UPDATE - An initial Police/ASRA inspection found " It was determined that two empty jerry cans had supposedly been secured into the rear seat of the ELA gyro but the harness buckle had not been properly fastened. The slipstream loosened the harness and one jerry can, which flew out of the rear cockpit and into the prop. Two prop blades were detached as was one side tank of the coolant radiator."  

News Link to fatal Queensland gyrocopter accident


20-6-17 - Illawarra Regional airport, NSW - John Mcqueen homebuilt single seat gyrocopter - G-3500 - The gyrocopter is said to have crashed during training at the airport at Illawarra. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. A photo appears to show the gyrocopter with a broken tail and rotor mast.

UPDATE - the ATSB summary states "During take-off, at approximately 20ft AGL the gyrocopter veered left and collided with terrain. The pilot sustained serious injuries and the aircraft was substantially damaged."

ATSB Ref 201702761

News link to gyrocopter accident at Illawarra

25th-March-2017 - Wondai, Queensland - RAF 2000 - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB summary states "During landing, the aircraft ballooned and collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage. "

ATSB Ref 201701451

February 2017 - unknown location - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - gyrocopter registration unknown - The gyrocopter rolled over during take off. A life jacket being worn by the pilot is said to have inflated during the take off roll obstructing the flight controls. 21.2.17?


November 26th-2016 - Tyagarah, New South Wales - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB summary states "During the take-off roll, the autogyro rolled over a bump, resulting in the rotor disc flexing down to strike the rudder and propeller. The pilot rejected the take-off."

ATSB Ref  201605436

19-11-16 - Somersby, Queensland - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB summary report states - "During taxi, the rotor struck the rudder resulting in minor damage. The pilot advised the brake mode had not been selected."  assume this means the rotor brake mode.

ATSB Ref 201605275

October 24th 2016 - Meningie, South Australia - ELA model unknown - - gyrocopter registration unknown  - The ATSB summary states "During landing, the aircraft struck a washout in the runway surface resulting in substantial damage."

ATSB Ref 201603563  - Catergory Serious Incident

12-10-16 - Mudgee airfield, New South Wales - gyrocopter type unknown - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB summary report states "During the initial climb, the engine failed and the gyrocopter collided with terrain. Carburettor icing is suspected to be the cause of the engine failure."

ATSB Ref  201603528

August 7th 2016 - Near Gympie, Queensland - Patroney Revolution  - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report states "During cruise, the pilot detected a rotor malfunction and conducted a precautionary landing. The post flight inspection revealed multiple bolts on the rotator housing had become loose. "  The ATSB classified the incident as serious.

ATSB ref 201602185

July 31st 2016 - Near Gladstone airfield, Rodds Bay, Queensland - Patroney Revolution  - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report states  "The pilot was hand starting the unoccupied gyrocopter. When the engine started the gyrocopter accelerated forwards and collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage"

ATSB ref 201602170

18th June 2016 - Near Caboolture, Queensland - RAFtor gyrocopter - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report states "During cruise, the crew detected abnormal engine vibrations and conducted a precautionary landing. An inspection revealed the exhaust manifold had fractured causing damage to a propeller blade."

ATSB ref 201603148

29th May 16 - Wondai, Queensland, Australia -  gyrocopter type unknown  - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report states "During climb, the engine failed and the pilot conducted a forced landing. The inspection revealed a gearbox bearing failure."

ATSB ref 201600749

8-5-16 - Tanami, Northern Terriotory, Australia - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report reads "During landing on a wet surface, the pilot lost directional control of the gyrocopter. The gyrocopter rolled onto it's side resulting in substantial damage."

ATSB ref 201600678

April 30-4-16 - near Oodnadatta Aerodrome, South Australia - gyrocopter type unknown  - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB report states - "It was reported that the gyrocopter departed with electrical issues and subsequently conducted a forced landing."  The ATSB classified the incident as serious.

ATSB ref 201600590

27-4-16 - Tennent Creek airfield, Northern Territory - Auto-Gyro Calidus - gyrocopter registration unknown - The ATSB summary states "During initial climb, the unlatched canopy opened. The gyrocopter lost altitude and yawed resulting in a hard landing. "

ATSB Ref 201602455


21st February 2016 - near Bindoon, Western Australia - gyrocopter type unknown  - gyrocopter registration unknown - News report states "
The pilot was flying the small aircraft when he ran into trouble yesterday afternoon and came down in a paddock. It is not clear what went wrong. The man was flown to hospital in a rescue helicopter and remains in a stable condition at Royal Perth Hospital."

Link to news report for the Bindoon gyrocopter accident 22.2.16

UPDATE  - the ATSB report states "The pilot rejected the take-off and subsequently collided with terrain. The gyrocopter was substantially damaged and the pilot sustained serious injuries."

ATSB ref  201600233

20-2-16 - Near Hughenden Aerodrome, Queensland, Australia - Celier Aviation Xenon - G-5110 - The ATSB summary states - "While manoeuvring, the gyrocopter's left door detached and struck the propeller, causing the engine to run rough. The pilot shut down the engine and conducted a forced landing. The gyrocopter was substantially damaged. It was subsequently determined that the door had not been correctly latched."

ATSB ref  201600467


Nov 7th 2015 - Tyrone Station, between Charleville - Adavale, Queensland, Australia - Sport Copter Vortex M912 - G-246 - Fatal -  News report refers to a fatal gyrocopter accident whilst mustering cattle. The gyrocopter is believed to have hit a tree top before crashing killing the 35 year old pilot. Local media name the pilot as Grant Burrell.

News link to gyrocopter accident at Charleville, Queensland

Second news link to fatal gyrocopter accident in Australia 7.11.15

10th October 2015 - Dubbo airfield, New South Wales, Australia - Magni M16 - registration unknown - the ATSB summary states "During landing, the pilot lost control and rolled the gyrocopter resulting in substantial damage. "

ATSB Reference - 201504517

 9th-August-2015 - Cannon's Creek, Warneet, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - G-4848 - Fatal accident. The gyrocopter which took off from Tyabb airfield is believed to have hit power cables and then crashed into an estuary ending up on its righthand side half submerged under water. The pilot was killed and the passenger was rescued with serious injuries. 

News Link to Cavalon gyrocopter accident at Warneet, Australia 9-8-15 

News link to fatal Cavalon crash at Warneet 9.8.15

Feb 12 15 - Manilla, New South Wales - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - registration unknown - the ATSB summary states "During the take-off run, the rotor blades struck the ground and the gyrocopter came to rest on its side causing substantial damage."

ATSB Ref 201500658

Jan 18 2015 -  Bribie Island near Caboolture, , Queensland - QLD - registration unknown - RAF 2000 gyrocopter - the ATSB summary states "During the cruise, the gyrocopter lost power and the pilot conducted a forced landing on a beach. An inspection revealed the propeller drive belt had failed." The incident is listed as a Serious Incident

ATSB Ref 201500079


21st Nov 14 - Mount Sylvia, near Gatton, Queensland  - registration unknown  -  gyrocopter type unknown - Fatal -  The gyrocopter impacted bush terrain and caught fire. A witness suggested that the engine had stopped in flight. The pilot was killed. Local media name the pilot as Ted Hurley.

Link to fatal gyrocopter accident in Queensland 21.11.14

27-9-14 - Near Mt Magnet aerodrome, Windsor Station, Western Australia - Peter Green type gyro - registration unknown -  The ATSB accident summary states, "During the take-off run, the left tyre deflated causing the rim to dig into the dirt runway surface. The gyrocopter rolled left and came to rest on its side. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the gyrocopter was substantially damaged."

ATSB Ref 201408001

26/8/14 - Delissaville, Northern Territory - Auto-Gyro MTOsport - registration unknown -  The ATSB accident summary states, "During takeoff, the gyrocopter pitched up and rolled left. The pilot was unable to regain control of the gyrocopter before it impacted the runway resulting in substantial damage."

ATSB Ref 201407891

22nd June 2014 - Atherton, Queensland - Celier Aviation Xenon - registration unknown - The ATSB accident summary states, "During the take-off, the gyrocopter pitched forward and collided with the runway. The gyrocopter was substantially damaged and the pilot was seriously injured."

ATSB ref 201404532

16.3.14 - Brundee, near Nowra, New South Wales - G-511 - Advanced Kinetics Gyroz - Fatal - the gyrocopter crashed into a paddock killing the 65 year old pilot. A NSW Police force press release says
"" It appears the gyrocopter has struck the ground heavily causing substantial damage and the male pilot and only occupant was killed. The man is believed to be a 65-year-old from Nowra.""   On the 17.3.14 local media named the pilot as Ken Wilkinson.

News link with interviews re fatal gyro accident in NSW 16.3.14

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident at Brundee, NSW 16.3.14

News link to gyrocopter crash in NSW 16.3.14

ATSB ref 201402770

6th January 2014 - Hughenden aerodrome, Queensland - G-5010 - Celier Aviation Xenon - During the approach to Hughenden aerodrome in Queensland, the Xenon gyrocopter lost speed and subsequently collided with trees. The aircraft was substantially damaged.

ATSB ref 20140006


21st December 2013 - Kinglake national park, Dixons Creek, Victoria - Fatal accident - a two seat gyrocopter ( possibly an MT-03 / MTOsport  - G-2347? ) crashed during a scenic flight having taken off from Dixons Creek. The pilot and tourist passenger were both killed in the crash in the high ground of Kingslake. The gyrocopter was operated by Yarra Valley Flightsports. Local media name the pilot as Reg Thaggard and the passenger as 18 year old Jordan Pang from Singapore.

Link to news report for fatal gyroplane accident in Victoria 21.12.13

Link to another news report for gyrocopter crash 21.12.13

Link to Yarra Valley Flightsports

ATSB ref 201312264

15th December 2013 - RAF 2000 - near Kingaray, Queensland - During cruise, the gyrocopter developed severe airframe oscillations and the pilot conducted a precautionary landing on a road. The rotor head was overhauled - source ATSB

ATSB ref 201312025

22nd September 2013 - Magni M22 gyrocopter - Montpelier airpark, near Townsville, Queensland - The Magni gyrocopter was hit by a wallaby during its take off roll  - the wallaby was killed, the gyrocopter was damaged as it hit a fence and rolled over - the pilot escaped unhurt.

ATSB ref 201309413

28th June 2013 - A Dominator gyrocopter crashed near Dakenba, Biloela in Western Queensland ( approx 130km from Gladstone ) - the pilot is described as in a critical condition after the gyro hit power cables.  Update - the pilot is out of hospital and back at work - see UPDATE October 2013 link below for more on this good news. The ATSB summary says a Modified Dominator gyrocopter struck an unseen spur line before colliding with terrain. The gyrocopter was destroyed and the pilot was seriously injured. The pilot was conducting a precautionary landing to check the operation of the gyrocopter’s engine cooling system

News link to accident at Dakenba QLD 28.6.13

Police press release re accident 28.6.13

UPDATE October 2013 - Good News - pilot back at work

ATSB ref 201306248

18th June 2013 - ELA 08 gyrocopter - Mount Elliott area, Queensland - The ATSB summary states the pilot and passenger of an ELA Tandem gyrocopter were flying from an airfield south-east of Townsville, Qld to a farm to have lunch. On the return trip, they flew via a waterfall at Mount Elliott, about 25 km southeast of Townsville. The pilot reported that on flying up to the waterfall area, he realised that he was a bit low and decided to make a left turn and increase throttle to maximum. As he applied full power, the slipper clutch malfunctioned resulting in a loss of rotor revolutions per minute (RPM). The gyrocopter’s airspeed started to reduce rapidly and the gyrocopter began to sink. Due to a ridge in front of the aircraft, the pilot decided to make a forced landing in a wooded gully. The aircraft landed upright on a log in a thick, vined tree canopy, but the pilot broke his leg in the accident. The pilot had an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) which he activated, and was able to contact search and rescue via mobile telephone to organise aeromedical retrieval.

ATSB ref 201306820

16th June 2013 - Xenon gyrocopter take off incident at Gunnedah,  New South Wales - media reports mention a "cable malfunction" resulting in an emergency landing as the gyro departed from an airshow at Gunnedah.

Photo below shows the incident on 16.6.13 at Gunnedah NSW

11th June 2013 - Auto-Gyro MT-03 - The gyrocopter collided with terrain and was substantially damaged near Dimbulah, Queensland - source ATSB

ATSB ref 201305695

7th March 2013 - During cruise, the engine failed and the pilot conducted a forced landing into a paddock near Thorpdale, Victoria. The gyro flipped onto its side resulting in substantial damage - source ATSB.

ATSB ref 201302210


24th August 2012 - 1 fatal - an RAF 2000 gyro collided with the ground and was destroyed by fire approx 100km East of Pormpuraaw, Cape York, Queensland. The pilot was killed.

News link to Cape York gyro accident 24.8.12

ATSB ref 201208409

26th June 2012 - Gyro makes emergency landing onto mud flats near Ryhll, Phillip Island, Victoria after apparent engine failure - pilot walks away after gyro turns on its side in the mud - pilot Don Cowling. The gyro does not appear to display an ASRA gyro registration.

ATSB ref 201206025

 Photo credit ABC News

Video Link to interview with the pilot and wreckage for accident 26.6.12

News report for accident 26.6.12

ABC News link for gyro accident 26.6.12

12th May 2012 - RAF 2000 gyro - during landing at Hervey Bay aerodrome, Queensland, the gyrocopter veered sharply and roller over. The RAF 2000 was substantially damaged.

ATSB ref 201204250

6th May 2012 - Pilot killed in gyrocopter accident near Bollon, Queensland - believed helmet came loose and hit propeller - Fatal - can anyone provide a brief summary ?

1st April 2012 - an unknown gyro is reported to have struck an overhead powerline near Broken Hill aerodrome, New South Wales

ATSB ref 201203245

5th February 2012 - G-1010 AC10 Arrowcopter - propeller broke up during flight, the Arrow Copter is a very new type of gyro, debris hit tail, engine difficulties - forced emergency landing - no injuries - possibly in the Gundaroo area of NSW.

ASN Newsreport on incident 5.2.12

January 19th 2012 - G-4982 - ELA accident at Echuca, Victoria - take off accident. The pilot wrote up a summary for publication in Flight Safety Australlia part of which is as follows, "...From the threshold I accelerated too quickly and at the point of take-off I was travelling too fast. The gyro leapt about five or six feet into the air because I did not exert slight forward pressure on the stick and allow the craft to balance on the main wheels, with the nose wheel slightly off the runway. Just as suddenly the gyro descended. As a result of the impact, not only was the nose wheel suspension damaged but, critically, the sudden downward momentum of the aircraft caused the retreating rotor blade, which was descending in the teeter cycle on the port side of the craft, to be deflected even further downwards, where the initial impact of the rotor tip (travelling at 440km/h) with the runway happened. No wonder the rotor blades (which weigh about 40kg) were smashed, and the energy transmitted to the aircraft frame bent it quite badly.""

Link here to report in Flight Safety Australia

14th January 2012 - G-762 GT Kruza gyrocopter accident at Mangalore, VIC - 2 Fatal - this accident is currently under investigation by the Coroners Court of Victoria - the instructor pilot was Sam La Bruna, the student pilot was Robert Brockbank.

Photo credit Herald Sun

Herald Sun news link to Accident 14.1.12

Newspaper Link to Accident 14.1.12

NZ Newspaper Link to Accident 14.1.12

UPDATE OCTOBER 2012 - ASRA published online a link to the Interim Accident Report for Kruza G-762 produced by ASRA  

UPDATE DECEMBER 2012 - ASRA removed the link to the Interim Accident Report link   Please contact ASRA / ATSB / CASA and ask for access to this report and ask why a summary is not in the public domain.

UPDATE JANUARY 2013 - ASRA spokesman Alan Waddles ( Incident Registrar )  published the following brief summary on the Rotary Wing Forum

Report 01/2012. The gyro, with an instructor and student onboard, departed on a training flight that was expected to last one hour, which was normal. Approximately three hours later, a member of the public was driving past a paddock that normally grazed horses when he noticed a “pile of rubbish” in the paddock. He drove in to investigate and discovered the remains if what he deemed to be a helicopter. Further inspection revealed that deceased persons remained in the wreckage. He contacted Emergency Services who attended the scene and confirmed that the wreckage was that of a gyroplane and that the two occupants were deceased.

ASRA was notified and offered assistance with the investigation which was accepted. A team of 4 investigators attended the scene the next day and having eliminated weather conditions and pilot error as contributing factors, discovered a failure within the control system which did not appear to be the result of ground impact. On-site visual inspections revealed the characteristics of metal fatigue on a fracture within the control system. Critical components were removed from the wreckage and sent to the ATSB for closer examination. The results of these examinations are not available at this time. The final report on the accident will be forwarded to the Coroner via the Police when all evidence has been processed.

This accident has been discussed on the Rotary Wing Forum  - a lengthy thread can be found on the following web link

UPDATE JULY 2013 - ATSB publish their finding into component failures, fracture in the rotor head torque tube.

Link to ATSB report for GT Kruz accident 14.1.12


18th December 2011 - Gyrocopter accident on take off at East Beverley, Western Australia  - pilot injured. The ATSB summary says that the engine failed during the initial climb resulting in the gyrocopter hitting the ground.

TV Report Link to Accident 18.12.11

ATSB ref 201108776

30th October 2011 - An unknown gyrocopter is reported to have collided with the ground in the Bunbury area of Queensland.

ATSB ref 201107532

5th September 2011 - it appears a mechanical failure sent the gyrocopter nosediving into a field near the Ingham showground, north of Townsville. The 61 year old pilot escaped with minor injuries.

News link to gyrocopter accident near Ingham 5.9.11

7th June 2011 - An unknown gyrocopter is reported to have collided with the ground 19km south of Bundaberg airfield, Queensland.

ATSB ref 201104068

23rd April 2011 - Gyro accident crashed and burned approx 20km west of Coonamble, NSW - Fatal accident killing the pilot Keith Comensoli.

Newspaper link to gyro Accident 23.4.11

Another Newspaper Link to accident at Coonamble 23.4.11

9th March 2011 - Fatal - Ground accident at Farnham Plains, 30km west of Eulo, Queensland, on engine start up the unoccupied gyro moved forward with the propeller striking the pilot. The pilot was standing alongside the gyro when the engine was started. The engine immediately revved highly. The gyrocopter is described as an Owen Dull Newo registered G-241 and had been delivered secondhand to the pilot just the day before. The Coroners inquest report identifies the pilot as Sam Beresford. 

The report raises many concerns relating to training, paperwork, flight instruction, mustering operations and the relationship between CASA, ASRA, ATSB, local Police and Health and Safety officers and how the accident was subsequently investigated.  A PDF of the Coroners report can be accessed via

Link to official Coroners inquest report for fatal gyroplane accident in Queensland 9.3.11

2011 - Gyrocopter take off accident on waterlogged ground - gyro veered left and rolled over


30th December 2010 - Gyrocopter accident near Blyth, South Australia - pilot dislocated his shoulder - more summary details please

News link to gyro accident at Blyth SA 30.12.10

23rd December 2010 - Gyrocopter crash whilst mustering cattle at the Neutral Junction Station 90km north of Ti Tree, Northern Territory

Photo courtesy of NT Police

Newspaper link to accident 23.12.10 at Neutral Junction Station

21st December 2010 - During landing the gyrocopter encountered a wind gust and overturned on landing at Caboolture, Queensland.

ATSB ref 201008936

21st August 2010 - Gyrocopter crash accident at Elimbah, 4km from Caboolture, Queensland  - Modified RAF - pilot Paul Campbell  ( ASRA secretary ) hospitalised with injuries.

Newspaper report to Caboolture accident August 2010

TV news report for gyrocopter accident 21.8.10

ATSB ref 201006008

2nd May 2010 - 1 Fatal - G-102 single seat open gyrocopter crash near Lameroo, South Australia - Fatal. Local media report the deceased pilot as Robert Bruce Hambling.

Photo credit ABC News

Link to ABC Riverland News report 2.5.10

Newspaper Link to Accident 2.5.10

ATSB ref 201003193

March 2010 - G-090 ? Gyrocopter accident east of Weipa Queensland - pilot Sean Anthony survived over 24 hours in the bush before walking to safety.

Newspaper report to Weipa accident March 2010

News report with photos of wreck for accident March 2010

23rd January 2010 - G-255 Rosco gyrocopter accident near Jindabyne, NSW Snowy Mountains area - Fatal

Newspaper report to Jindabyne accident 23.1.10


29th December 2009 - Gyro crashed near Purnong, Mannum, South Australia - Fatal.  "Terry Arnold, aged in his 50s, was the sole occupant of the small helicopter when it crashed in a paddock in Purnong, near Mannum, about 1pm."  The ATSB summary says the gyrocopter was reported to have hit a cliff and then in an inverted attitude lower terrain too.

Newspaper Link to Accident 29.12.09

ATSB ref 200908256

6th April 2009 - Monarch gyro crashed into the Tamar river at Clarence Point, near George Town,  Tasmania from a height of approx 100m - pilot Alan Wardill  rescued from the water. The ATSB summary says the pilot lost pitch control during cruise before crashing into the river and sinking.

Newspaper Link to Accident 6.4.09

Another Newspaper Link to Accident 6.4.09

ATSB ref 200902105

20th February 2009 - G-049 Magni M-22 accident at Home Hill, QLD  - Fatal.  "Well-known Burdekin resident Michael Howard, 59, died doing what he loved when his imported Magni gyrocopter crashed shortly after take-off yesterday morning."

Photo credit Townsville Bulletin

Townsville Bulletin link to Accident 20.2.09

Newspaper Link to Accident 20.2.09


20th April 2008 - Burdekin beach, Groper Creek, near Townsville, QLD - Magni M22 - The gyrocopter rolled onto its side just prior to touchdown on a sand-bar at Burdekin beach Queensland. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries  - the rotorblades on the gyro were broken.

News link to Queensland gyrocopter accident 20.4.08


8th November 2007 - Bruty Firebird gyrocopter accident at Echuca airfield, Victoria - registration unknown - Fatal - 1 Fatal and 1 with major burns ( Paul Bruty ).  The gyrocopter was being used for flight training. The student pilot was practising a simulated engine out on final approach. A witness says the gyrocopter did not "flare" just before touch down, landed hard and bounced coming to rest on its righthand side. Fuel in the seat tanks leaked and an intense fire started. The student and instructor both suffered severe burns. The student died of his injuries the next day.

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident at Echuca Australia 8-11-07

Newspaper Link to Accident 8.11.07

Another Newspaper Link to Accident 8.11.07

23rd July 20071 Fatal  -  gyrocopter accident at the Applethorpe airstrip near Stanthorpe, Queensland - Fatal

Newspaper link to rotorcraft fatal accident near Stanthorpe 23.7.07

ATSB ref 200704920

1st July 2007 - RAF gyrocopter accident near Cranbourne, Tasmania - 2 Fatal

News report to Cranbourne accident 8.11.07


16th October 2006 - Fatal accident - G-2223 ? UFO Helithruster  - gyrocopter crash near Lockwood South, Bendigo Victoria - The gyro was flown by Christopher Williams, 47, with his wife Jennifer, 46 a passenger, when it crashed about 10am today on a property in McGlashans Lane at Lockwood South, near Bendigo - the gyro hit a boundary fence. The pilot Chris Williams was killed.

Llewella Evans, from the Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association, said it was rare for gyrocopters to be involved in crashes. She said unlike helicopters, gyrocopters usually glided down to earth if they got into trouble.

Photo credit Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald news link to accident 16.10.06

27th March 2006 - gyrocopter malfunction whilst engine running on the ground, the gyro set off across the airfield near Kurri Kurri before hitting a tree.

News link to gyrocopter incident 27.3.06


18th June 2005 - G-095 Butterfly gyrocopter crashed through boundary fences during take off - Non fatal


13th October 2004 - Gyrocopter accident during mustering operations at Norley Station, QLD - main rotor hub bar failure - Fatal - see ATSB Australian Transport Safety Bureau report on the link below

ATSB Gyrocopter Hub Bar failure report

Coroners Report on Norley accident 13.10.04

4th April 2004 - Gyrocopter ( built by Owen Dull ) broke up in mid air near Esk, Queensland during its delivery flight - Fatal - see Coroners report about this accident on the link below 

Coroners Report accident 4.4.04


19th March 2003 - Fatal accident in a single seat gyrocopter, pilot killed near Emu Park, Rockhampton, Queensland

News link to gyrocopter accident 19.3.03


17th June 2002 - gyrocopter crashed while practising touch and gos around the circuit at an airfield near Singleton, NSW

News link to gyrocopter crash 17.6.02


21st January 2001 - Fatal gyro accident at Ross Glen near Kew, New South Wales killing the pilot - "A police spokeswoman said the 62-year-old man was flying a gyrocopter when, according to witnesses, the engine stalled and his aircraft plunged nearly 70m to the ground. "

News link to fatal gyrocopter accident 21.1.01


26th November 2000 - two treated after a gyrocopter crashed at Theresa Park, Camden, NSW - the pilot and passenger were released after being treated at the scene

News link to accident 26.11.00


11th May 1999 - Fatal accident at Ullina airstrip near Creswick, Victoria.  The pilot Craig Huxley a local police officer was under instruction from the ground

News link to fatal gyro accident 11.5.09

Please note that accidents pre 1996 are listed on the ATSB website in summary form and are available for viewing today.  In 1996 the responsibility for publishing gyrocopter accident summary data passed to ASRA - ASRA have chosen not to place any accident summary information in the public domain.


19th February 1996 - G-5537 - The pilot had been carrying out flights in his gyrocopter which was later found to have crashed, the pilot receiving fatal injuries. The propeller appears to have separated from the engine and passed up through the rotor system - near Orroroo, South Australia - Fatal.

ATSB Report for accident 19.2.96


......1995 - Tocumwal, NSW - fatal gyrocopter accident - the local town history website states " Andrew Broadway of Tocumwal Ultralights was killed when his gyrocopter crashed just east of the aerodrome."
No further details known.

Link to Tocumwal website

28th April 1995 - It was reported that the rotorcraft took off and climbed to about 150 ft. It then entered what appeared to be shallow dive at full power. The descent continued until the rotorcraft collided with the ground. The wreckage was spread out over about 50 metres. It was reported that the pilot had modified the engine installation prior to the flight and he may have recently changed the main rotor blades. The circumstances that led to the loss of control were not be determined - near Thylungra, QLD - Fatal.

ATSB Report for accident 28.4.95


19th November 1993 - The gyroplane crashed 230 metres from the property airstrip whilst the pilot was returning from a sheep mustering flight. The tail separated from the aircraft in flight following being struck by the rotors. Weather conditions were poor with a strong gusting wind and blowing dust - near Nangunyah, NSW - Fatal

ATSB Report for accident 19.11.93


6th September 1992 - Bensen type gyro - Aircraft collided with a tree while flying low over residential areas - near Primbee, NSW - Fatal.

ATSB Report for accident 6.9.92


3rd November 1990 - Homebuilt gyrocopter - The pilot took off to the west and climbed straight ahead for approximately one kilometre. At about 150 feet above the ground the complete main rotor assembly suddenly separated from the gyroplane. The gyroplane then plummetted to the ground - near Bridgwater, Victoria -  Fatal

ATSB Report for accident 3.11.90

10th July 1990 - The first circuit appeared to proceed smoothly at an altitude of about 250 feet above the ground until the turn onto final approach. When that turn was started the aircraft assumed a reasonably steep nose down attitude. Engine noise remained constant until the aircraft hit the ground tracking about 15 degrees to the left of the landing direction. A detailed wreckage inspection did not reveal any pre-existing defect that may have contributed to the accident - near Redwood 20 km NE of Traralgon, Victoria - Fatal

ATSB Report for accident 10.7.90


19th November 1989 - Fatal gyrocopter accident near Euston, New South Wales

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